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Got my Hptuners today


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Had to do it. I am very impatient. I cancelled my FlashScan order and my HpTuners showed up in the mail today. I just didn't want to wait 6 or 8 more weeks when I have already been waiting a month.


Rumor has it that the impending Hptuners 2.0 release will be just as good, which I will get to upgrade to. Only time will tell.


So now let the logging begin and then slowly but surely I may actually be able to tune on my own. With alot of research of course.


Has to be easier than lining up a couple dots right? those of you that have been around for awhile will get that little inside joke. :mad:

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I'm sure HPT is fine. But I'm happy to keep waiting on flashscan. I bet I see mine within the next week or two. Either of them will be better than the Edit crap we have had to use for the last 2 years. Its a shame carputing didn't get that in-truck tuning figured out.


LS1Edit is VIN and PCM locked, meaning its only good for that PCM with your VIN on it. I bought another 03 PCM to use with my flashscan so I can sell the Edit cable with the PCM as a set, or just keep it as a spare or use in a project vehicle.

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