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Ram SRT-10 Ext Cab


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Stopped by the Dodge place to check it out. Yellow, not my first pick of colors but if you like attention....


I am by no means a Dodge fan, but this was a really nice truck in/out. Salesman came out to greet, had the VHO sitting right beside the Ram so was waiting for the old "time to get a dodge?" conversation, but to my surprise he spent more time checking out my truck than I did with the Ram. I started the Ram (didn't ask to test drive) and was really surprised. Expected more rumble, grunt....something. I know these are fast trucks, but you wouldn't know by the idle. The push button start is pimp. Now for the shocker....sticker showed 9mpg city/12mpg hwy and price of $53,029. Daaaammmnnn. Hope this one sells local, would love to check one out at a light. I just gotta know!

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Im not a dodge fan either, but the inside of that truck has to be the nicest truck interior i have ever seen. Doesn't even seem like dodge would be the ones to make the interior, lol. The seats are sooo freakin comfy and nice, quad cab has quad captains chairs :cheers: rest of the inside is nice too... it's sweet i love it.



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I hear there is a SRT10 quadcab owner, I *think* he is on the SRT forum, whose stock QuadCab SRT10 ran as fast, if not FASTER than a regular cab SRT10, but he was running on an 1/8th mile track.

The 4 speeds are what screw the regular cab truck's times up it appears?


Nice looking trucks, but they are WAYYYYYYYY too expensive to be a family transportation truck for MY family. I realize they have expensive drivetrains, brakes, etc.... but if they aren't affordable it might as well be a Viper with a trailer, as far as I'm concerned.


I can afford to watch either, but to own them would be a BIG purchase. Not a "transportation" purchase.


They look nice, and perform great for a truck.


I'm still not sure about the rear wing. It looks OK from many angles, but to me it seems weird on a truck?

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