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F/S 2004 Silverado SS


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I have a black 2004 Silverado SS for sale. It has 20K miles on it. It is in pristine shape, it has been my baby since I owned it. I have used Mobile 1 oil in it every 3k miles. There are a few extras on the truck, but all in all mostly stock. It has a K&N air filter on it, pre-wired for stereo amps, top of the line professionally installed Viper Alarm System, 20% tint on all windows except windshield, DVD system, and Billet Aluminum SS bowtie. The truck came loaded from the factory, automatic dual climate zones, dual 8-way power seats, heated leather front seats, stereo controls on steering wheel, XM radio, Onstar, 6-disc cd changer, MP3 player via DVD system, and towing package. I am pretty sure I have forgotten something but feel free to ask.


I am selling my baby because I will be moving to a large city that is not long truck friendly so I am in need of a smaller vehicle and would rather see my baby go to a loving home rather than going with me and having some dumb ass hit me. :cry::cry::cry:


My asking price on this truck is to just take over the payments on it. So I am asking pay-off value for the truck. The pay-off value for the truck is between 30,000 and 31,000. I believe around 30,700.


Like I said this has been my baby since I bought it brand new and I love this truck and I know I will be kicking myself after I sell it, but sometimes situations suck for all of us. Like I said this truck in is great shape, every 3 months it has gotten a wax.


If you want to see pictures feel free to email me at [email protected]. I can take any type of picture you would like. I figured it would be better that way, so if someone wanted a picture of the left side instead of the right or if they wanted a picture of the inside...etc.. Just let me know.


I am located in central Missouri right on I-44. I would be willing to travel up to 150 miles to meet up with you for the sell or if you are farther away, I would be willing to ship it to you if you cover shipping charges.

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