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I need more power in my SS,tired of getting beat by fords. I already have

dynatech longtube headers and diablosport programer with flowmaster

exhaust. I only had small improvment with these parts. How does the

radix compair to the sts turbo? or maby a cam I dont know whitch to do

next. I dont want to lose streetabilty or fuel mileage. Can someone help

me with making the correct decision? I rode in a ss with a radix and it

didnot seem to give much improvment for the money, thanks for your help.

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The first thing is ditch the diablo. It will not outdo a custom tune. PCMforless is one of the site sponsors, get with him. It will help you take advantage of your mods.


I would also get a better intake. (about $250)


A higher stall (2600 or above) will shave about 1/2 sec on your 1/4 time (about $700)


Also, the Radix in it's stock tune leaves a lot to be desired. A custom tune with the Radix is a huge difference.

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what kind of fords are beating you? Welcome to the site though


Today on the freeway another chevy truck with a 5.3 wanted to race,

so we slowed down to about 35 mph and stomped on it. He was slowely

pulling away from me about a truck length . We pulled over and he said

his truck had a power programer and flowmaster exhaust, he was only

18 yrs old. I felt like my truck was slow. Also the lightning truck are

realy kicking my butt on the freeway. I dont want to be the fastest but

would like to do better than I am now. I gteched my SS at 14.7 and

would like to see some 13s thanks

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oh i c what ya mean, a custom tune apparently will do wonders from what I have been reading. I'm going to get one soon from PCMFORLESS after I do a few other things so i would say go with a tune and a good intake possibly. As for the lightning beating you, that is normal, I beat one lightning so far and it was an old 93 (i think) pretty beat up but i had to do it. The new ones are pretty fast so being mostly stock I wouldn;t count on beating one anytime soon. Take the mods slow and you should love the end result.

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If someone with a 5.3 is beating you you have problems.


Yep, something is wrong with this picture if the guy was that lightly modded. :confused:


A cam and a custom tune will do wonders for your setup. Our heavy trucks aren't the quickest stock but the Gen III 6.0 does respond well to mods. :chevy:


As to Lightnings, don't feel bad about losing. They are supercharged and a whole different beast. If you want to run with the big boys you will need a blower, turbo or stroker yourself. :D

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I just traded in my 5.3 in for the ss

I had a 5.3 reg cab stepside special order truck


they will beat you!

they are lighter than you and trust me they will beat you if your stock

dont even try to race them


if you want to beat lightings, you will have to go with a major supercharger, plus any other mods to get you faster than them because they are lighter than you!

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My friend has a reg cab 5.3 with exhaust and smaller tires. NOTHING else. (I know for a fact). We raced when i first got my SS bone stock and i lost 3 out of 5 times. :banghead: Dont think you can beat the wheels off these trucks cause of the 6.0 345hp. he had the 2000 model with 275 hp.


Got a true flow air intake and PCMFORLESS programming and we went at it again. This time i got him by 1 and a half car lenghts.


i also know for a fact that 100shot of nitrous will wipe out a stock 04 lighting from a dead start up through the 1/8 mile.


GET Nitrous. :thumbs:

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