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Bass Tubes


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i am thinking about putting a 10in bass tube under my right/side rear seat. I have never heard one or hooked one up. i cant do a full box because of my nitrous bottle being on the left side. and i want to keep it clean nothing to fancy. i just want alittle more BOOM from my system.


i saw a Bazzoka 10in 200watt built in amp. before i get this how will it sound on my stock sound system and how hard is it to hook up? thanks

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I have a rockford fosgate bass tube in my tahoe and it does really well, it gives me all of the bass that the factory system was missing. The only thing i wish that i would have done differently was buy a amp with a sub control on it so i could adjust the level of the sub better

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A buddy of mine has a couple of 8" bazzoka's in his Accord.. Sounded very decent for just a couple of cheap 8" speakers. As far as hookup, you can buy a deal from just about any where that will tap into your rear speakers (usually just a wire that you splice in) and it gives you two RCA outputs.. Use that to hook up to an amp.. Definately not something you would want to do if you're gonna be competing in any sound competitions, but it's easy and it works.. :dunno:

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