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vibration @ high speeds


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hay guys does anybody have a vibration/noise in the front end when you go over 85mph on the highway only when your on the gas from 85 to 120 the noise stays the same if you cost @ speed over 85 noise is not present (note to any law man i only drive this speed on the autobahn) :jester: any input would be helpful :flag:

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there are some old posts on high speed vibration about a year ago i think what some found was bad balancing of the tires. i have mine rebalanced every 6000 mi. and 90-100 mph nice and smooth :driving: even on cali. shitty interstates :puke:


yea i can`t drive 55.. if you do out here you get run off the road.. :D



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COT- it runs the truck rich when you are on her. I.e. 80-90 or so the cat does not over heat?


A PCM tune I heard can get rid of it? BUt I am waiting for my tune to see :banghead:


I have same noise at high speeds...when @ dealer I am going to have them check it out, or at least note it for future reference.

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i have a retune its the same maybe all sss have this noise awd system :banghead:

ask your tuner if he/she adjusted it at all? I dont think it is a normal sound b/c it disappears closer to 100.


I dont think that tuners get power gains out of adjusting the COT function so they leave it alone, but it might help smooth out the ride if this function was lowered, or removed when you remove your cats :devil: Like I hope to do some day :happysad:


Maybe ask and see if they (read: I ) know what I am talking about :eek:


I am glad this is being talked about b/c I did not wat to mod a truck with weired noises...and even better with tune experence you have...

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mine vibrates over 70mph....but I think its the 23's doing it!!  :banghead:


if you take your foot of the gas over 70mph does it go away??????????


no, thats why i think its the wheels....


I just had them REbalanced....better but still there!! :sigh:

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