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The presence of a bar vs no bar, is definitely going to help. You guys would have to check with Hotchkis to see if they are available for lowered trucks for your year. I think it's only a difference in the dog bones in the rear - or whatever those things are called.


As far as ride quality, I never noticed any difference. I had them on a 2/4 lowered '99 GMC. Best thing I ever did for my truck - bar none. However, they say you could experience some ride differences over extremely bumpy roads. We're talking more like off-road. So if you never take your truck there, then no worries. My feeling was that if it's a little rougher on where I drive 5% of the time, the other 95%, I'm good.

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well i am interested in these bars so i mailed haotchkis and asked if they would work on a lowered SS here is their respnse

You can get the part #2230 and than purchase shorter endlinks. Bushings

so asked them if i could get the right endlinks when i purchase the setup and i am waiting on a reply

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The only way you can do it is order the kit #2230, than purchase the endlinks separate

well that kind of sucks you buy a kit with parts you dont even need i think ill add this one to the end of my list

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