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New Exhaust


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I have searched on this site and have found no mention of Xcelerator mufflers so I thought I would share my experience.


Had the local shop install a dual in/dual out Xcelerator muffler on the VHO. This shop is a Flowmaster dealer and the Flowmaster muffler would have cost more then the Xcelerator so when the owner recommended this muffler over the Flowmaster and showed me that Xcelerator is what he was running on his personal vehicle (Avalanche 5.3) I decided to try it. It is awesome. I love the sound: deep, noticeable but not obnoxious. Had it on for almost two weeks now, wanted to get used to it and let the new wear off before reporting on it. Cruising at 70-80 on the interstate there is 0 resonance, with windows up and radio off the exhaust can barely be heard over the wind noise! The shop owner told me that the 6 liter is a harder engine to quiten down than most and he has replaced more than one Flowmaster on SS and HD's with the 6 liter, but never had to replace one on the 5.3, 4.8, 5.7, etc.


With 2 2.5" tailpipes exiting in stock location (kind of), had the tips hidden and they really can't be seen from behind or beside the truck which is what I wanted, the sound is much less than both pipes exiting at stock location with nice rolled tip aluminum tips (as my buddy did on his VHO).


Xcelerator also comes with a lifetime warranty! :thumbs:


Don't know if this helps anybody, but I looked and looked on the net for a muffler with little to no in cab resonance at hwy speeds as it would drive me crazy. Never heard of Xcelerator and would not have tried it if the shop owner had not guaranteed I would like it by offering to re-install the stock system and not charging me a dime! Needless to say I happily paid the man when I fired my truck up!

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Muffler is $145 installed. (model# X144)


No pics yet (I don't even have any dig. pics of the truck!), need to clean some pics off the memory card then I'll get some loaded.


Sorry, can't find a website on these mufflers.


Superdave- Ever go to Tulsa drags? I plan on going next weekend for TNT, you could hear the exhaust there. Sounds like a good excuse to go to the strip anyway!

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