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hello all! great site, i am wanting a roll pan for my 03 ss, however i seen talk about the BSR i believe with the hidden hitch . well will i have to get a differnt hitch then the factory installed? if so who makes the hitch i need and where can i get that roll pan and license plate flip down kit for the hitch. i have seen some of you guys..and gals rides and that is what i want mine to look like...thanks...Ben

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If you want to see some pictures check my webpage. I got the hidden hitch from stylin concepts. It works great and installs very easily (factory bolt up). You can also get the flip liscense plate that works great once the hole is cut in the rollpan for the hitch opening. I am very happy with mine!! :chevy:

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Check with BSER on here for the rollpan. He does a nice job. I have mentioned this to a few guys on here, but I would order the rollpan without the cut out so that you can get a bodyshop to cut it out once you mount the hitch. This way it fits perfectly. Sometimes just a small variation can make it look off centered!!!


Check Stylin concepts for the Hidden hitch , but I think it was around $100 and the liscense plate was about $20.


On my exhaust, I cut the pipes in front of the muffler so that I had a dual pipe system and installed two 40 series flowmasters and ran 2 1/2" pipes out each side similar to factory location but hugs closer to the body. I am extremely happy with the looks and the sound. I would have to say it pushed the HP as well. Not sure how much, but I could definately tell the difference. :chevy:

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