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1500 Silverado VHO 6.0 option?


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There is a thread on corvetteforum that mentions that this is a possibility.


quote from the thread:

"You bet, I have a 2WD with the SS engine. It comes with 20" chrome wheels and high performance suspension. It's a $2,850 option and called "Silverado Performance Package". It is rare, I can never find any information on the web and it was not a build option on the GM site."

I tried in '98 and again in 2000 to buy a base W/T 1500 with the 6.0 and the dealer would not let me. Is it possible now? My little dream truck is the W/T with AC, cloth seats and a 3.0 for very low 20's out the door.

ps: The full bore SS is not an option for me. I just bought an 05 vette, and the wife will freak if I blow 35k on another car. This has to be a base model.


Anyone know if this is possible?



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Lots of discussion about those on this site... just search and you'll find it.


The VHO was rare when it was first released, but now you can pick them up at any dealership. It has the same LQ9 6.0 engine that is in the SS, 2WD, and 20" chrome standard... good looking trucks. :thumbs:

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Thanks for the link, just finished reading the whole post. Unless something changes, it looks like my dream of a VHO W/T is over. I checked on doing this in 98 and 2000, and the answer was no then too. My mile irratation with Chevrolet will continue. They don't realize that some people will pay more to get just the options they want. I would happily pay sticker less the rebate for a WT 6.0, rather than get a high option car and bargain it down.


Maybe I will shop for an older 5.3/4.8 and swap in the SLP 6.6 and headers and nice wheels. I actually like the last Silverado body style anyway.

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