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VaraRam King Cobra Induction vs. Outlaw

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TByrne's GP offer on the VaraRam King Cobra Induction couldn't be more timely for myself. I'm just on the verge of purchasing a CAI for my SS. After much reading on this forum I was ready to buy an Outlaw but Tbyrne's claims in his ad VaraRam King Cobra Induction are certainly food for thought if they're true. Would anyone like to rehash an old debate? Which is the best CAI for our trucks?



Dan :repost:

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the performance numbers on the vararam don't match what was advertised for sure. on the other hand they do offer a performance increase over a stock box. as for quality control, there are styrofoam cup's out there with better quality control. the fitting issue's alone would keep me away from the vararam.

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What kind of fitting issues, mine went on without a problem. I am building a ram air tube for it now for even more gains(hopefully). I just ran mine at the track again yesterday, and I picked up a little over a tenth with the Vararam, but I also have heavier wheels on now. I am going to put my stock wheels on next time and see what I run with stock wheels. Should be at least another tenth quicker. :dunno:

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