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Ready for the SS

Big O

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So enlighten us Big O, what happened to the LQ9 and is the 350 super stout or just a stocker? The LQ 9 is by far a superior engine, and more easily modified. Is it just a case of old dog not wanting to learn Gen 3 techniques? That would be my problem.... :D

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Naw ... I was just playing with you guys ... I just recently pulled this 350 out of my camaro and was planning on taking up to the shop today (in the SS) but plans changed so it is still sitting in my garage.


Got a couple months to play with it and get it freshened up. I'll take some pictures but it won't be too aweful exciting. Bring on summer!


-- Big O

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Well it looks like my Silverado SS will have 11.7 liters of motor sitting in it until next weekend. Shop is getting too full and I have to store the camaro motor until next weekend :(


On a side note: pulling the motor sure screws up the nice rake my Camaro had. :D

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