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Paint and Cladding Woes


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Waxed my truck on saturday and as I got to the rear bumper, driver's side, I was shocked to find that the clear coat is flaking off. I've got a piece missing now about an inch and a half in diameter and can see that the clear coat around it for a half inch is ready to come off. What gives?? Is this a sign that my truck (that was purchased used) may have been re-painited?


I also noticed that I picked up some new scratches from the dealer that I had my steering shaft installed by. :banghead: Apparently the tech that put it in didn't lay anything over the fender and his zipper banged up against it quite a bit... I've got 10-12 light scratches in the clear in a few places. :tear:


Also noticed that the cladding in front of the right rear wheel doesn't line up perfectly with the piece in front of it... it seems to sit a bit higher than the other, causing the body lines along the bottom to be jacked. Are there any diagrams showing how these things are secured in place and aligned so that I can try and adjust this?



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if the truck hasn't been repainted you should be able to get GM to cover that for you, depending on you relationship with your dealer. If it has... on the off chance you can find out where it was done, almost every body shop covers their paint work for life. Some research and you can probably figure out if it's been repaired... but I would try and work the dealer for it first.

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