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Hey guys just joined the site due to the fact that i just aquired a 2003 black silverado ss because my 1990 454 SS was stolen two weeks ago. I am a member of the 454ss.com site and have received tons of good information from the guys there and hope to do the same here. What are some proven routes as far as increasing the performance on these trucks. Whats the best bang for the buck for a stock SS. Whats a good true dual exhaust setup with a nice roar. Any suggestions are welcomed as i'm pretty new to all this computer controlled stuff. Thanx.


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sorry to hear about your 454 :( . The best bang for the buck would probably be a PCM tune from any of the major companies (PCMFORLESS,Nelson,Westers) . Everyone has a different opinion on the exhaust so search around and youll find what you want. Its damn near true duals with decent size piping from the factory I think all you have to do it cut the muffler off and put new ones on each pipe. oh and btw Welcome to sSS :cheers::chevy:

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I feel your pain, man. I've had an 87 GN, and a 91 X-cab Chevy stolen from me, so I know the feeling. There's alot of good people and info here. I plan on doing dual Flowmaster 50 series on mine. Like Kotton said, it's true dual up to the muffler.

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