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SLP exhaust

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I ran the loudmouth on my 94 camaro z28 vert. It was the worst sounding exhaust I have ever heard. I had heard good things about it and have always liked slp pieces. Well I went for it and sold it after 400 miles. It was so raspy. I hope it sounds better on a 6.0 than it did on my lt1. I would wait until you hear it in person to buy it.


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From my experience with F-bodies the SLP "Loudmouth" resonator systems are pretty loud, but not raspy when used with stock manifolds.


Coupled with longtubes or with cats removed, they get really raspy, droning and obnoxious. At that point you might as well just go with a cut-out. :cry:

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I had the Loudmouth on my '01 ws6 t/a, and I liked it, but the interior noise could be annoying at times, my neighbors hated it because I could wake the entire neighborhood with that thing, and don't talk about in the winter when those pipes were cold. I think that SLP makes great exhaust systems, I even had one of their systems on my Z-71 so who ever tries the new system for our trucks please keep us posted because I might be interested. ;)

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