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New Product ALERT (that actually works)


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I saw this ad in the back of one of my car mags about 6 months ago for Photo Blocker (spray) to hide your license plate numbers from photo radar cameras. I ignored it. The ad looks stupid and I just don't buy into any of these products that clam to hide your plate (like the plastic covers, etc). They all have been proven not to work.


Anyway, then I saw this product on one of those Spike TV auto or motorcycles shows. I don't remember which one. They tested the spray with an actual police photo radar camera set up. Sure enough, the spray caused the numbers on the plate to wash out when hit by the flash and be unreadable. As it turns out, FOX, CBS, NBC and Tech TV have also tried this product and claim it works. So, with those kinds of endorsements I spent the $29 bucks and ordered a can.


As luck would have it, I have been through two photo radar set-ups since putting this stuff on my plate (Phoenix LOVES photo radar and has them all over). One of my offenses was making a left turn after the light had turned amber. The truth of the matter is I was in the middle of my turn when it changed RED. It was only THEN did I notice the new cameras at that intersection. My heart stopped. God, not another ticket!!!!!


Not a week later I passed yet another speed photo radar setup along a busy eight lane here in Phx. The flash actually went off in my face so I KNOW they got me. Bottom line, that was almost three months ago and I have not gotten a ticket in the mail for either one. Unfortunately, I've had one before and it takes about 2 or three weeks to get it in the mail.


The spray can does about three plates. If you have a lot of photo radar in your area get some of this stuff. It really works. I don't know if they have a website. Check Google. If not, you can find the ads in the back of most car and truck mags.


Good luck10292.jpg

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