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Chevy SSR


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I don't hate the looks... just need to get the a$$ out of the air and lower it all the way around, slap some 22's on it and it'd be pretty cool... and w/ almost 400hp in the 05's I think Chevy took care of the power issues. :driving:

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I don't care for the looks of the SSR, but I don't dislike it either. But at least is it not boring. Gotta give Chevy a thumbs up for trying something different. They need to do it more often.

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I don't dislike them either, but they are just not my style. It would not be much of a daily driver for me. I had planned on a vette, but for what I do, the SSS is the most practical for every day driving. Plus I just like the beauty of the SSS! :driving::chevy:

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