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Anti Theft Device


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I purchased my '04 SS about 4 weeks ago. I was wondering what if any anti theft devices you all recommend other than / in addition to your .45 cal S&W or HK. :flag: I don't think I'd ever be sane again if my "baby" was ever stolen. I'm not looking for anything too high-tech. Something along the lines of a killswitch, etc.


Any thoughts are appreciated. :P


Roll on! :driving:

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i use the truck "club". i figure that with on-star and the HK .45 in the house, its pretty safe. :D


Well, unfortunately I just had experience with this on an 03 2500HD, If the thief knows what he is doing, its pretty hard to stop them. I had a truck club, a viper alarm system and an onstar subscription. None of it worked, got into truck without even having the alarm go off, and those guys can pick a club in like 30 seconds. And if they know what they are doing, they can disable the onstar just as fast :banghead: . I'd go with the hidden kill switch, since it is specific for each car, there is a greater chance, the theif won't figure it out.

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