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Look what I got Today!!

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To answer all these questions, I believe they weigh about 38Lbs each.


I don't know what the stock wheel weighs.


I got them direct from American Racing and I can't say how much because it is a priveledge of being a dealer to get a set at a well reduced price for my personal truck.


They come with black centers, but I ordered the chrome ones special.


As soon as I get tires and have them mounted I will post new pics. It will probaly be a couple weeks until the weather clears up here and the roads are clear and dry.


Thanks for all the :thumbs::cheers: and :cool:

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sweet, if i had the balls i would have the center of mine powdercoated black and leave the polished lip!!  maybe i need another set of wheels?  hmmmmm..........the hampster is on his wheel agian!


looks great!!


Every time the hampster is on the wheel it seems like it costs me more money!!

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Lucky you AUTOGUY...I stole your idea (sorry) and ordered some for my black ss last month and I am still waithing!!!! :banghead: I paid $2950 with Kuhmho Sumatomo tires out the door at A&R Tire out here in Cali. I know the owner there so he gave me a bit of a deal. Can't wait to see them mounted on yours and mine! :thumbs:

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