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Yet another SS gone...


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I THINK this is an SS... only way I can tell is the exhaust tip is still there.... and most of the 6.0L is there too... the theifs did a number to this one...











Keep an eye on your SSS's....this is a SO-CAL truck... goes up for auction on 03/15/05...


basically would be buyin the engine.... :tear::tear::tear::wtf::puke:

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See if you can get the tip and sell it to me!!!


haha... :lol:


gotta buy all or nothin... here is the ridiculous part, its already at $2700 and the live bidding doesnt happen till the 15th @ noon!!! :crazy:

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See, told ya. Those black ones just do not hold up past 40 or 45 for very long. Give 'um a year or two and their scrap metal.  .  .61182.jpg





I think someone is building them an SS piece by piece, I cant believe they left the PCM behind.

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