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never guess what i found


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you would never guess what I found this morning. Out on the interstate at 5 am this morning I came upon a car stopped in the left lane of the highway with flashers on and another car 500 yards in front of it with the lights on and against the guardrail with the nose of the car. the left door was open and the brake lights were on. the car was not hardly wrecked. and where the first car was sitting, a dead man laying wadded in the guard rail :confused: I do not know what happened unless he hit the guardrail first and was thrown out. that is not any way to start your morning. It took 15 minutes for the first rescue vehicle to get there after called 911. the guy in the other car had found him about 5 minutes before i got there ,but he had no phone

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i found out that the dude was ran over by his car , when he ran off the right side of the road, and he was swerving back to the left side and hit the guardrail the first time, he knocked his door open and fell out and was run over by his car!! :confused:

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