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raising rear seat?

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Actually an inch to an inch and a quarter. You won't be able to go nowhere near 4 inches. Depending how you make you box, will determing how high to raise the seat. You won't have to raise it as much if you build it with fiberglass.

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Thanks guys... appreciate this..


For a non-english SS-driver, it's sometimes hard to understand what you mean. So yes, I don't know what washers are, and especially in the context with raising a seat.


I'll remember that, next time I've got a question...



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No need to get upset ... they were just giving you a hard time ... you can give them crap about their 3rd grade grammer abilities.


Washers as shown in that link can be used as a spacer between the bolt head and the frame or nut. Basically they were created to stop bolt heads from pulling through the hole (spreads out the load). They look like a quarter with a hole drilled through it basically ... any hardware store, lumber yard, automotive store will have them ... they are as common as pencils, should be able to pick them up anywhere.


Take the comments in stride ... everyone is just playing around ... keeps it lively and interesting in here.



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