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Antique SS


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I was bored so I figured I'd have a bit of fun with the truck, so I went to Autozone and bought a horn. Not just any horn....


I got an OOOGGA HORN! :crackup:


I love this thing. It is so funny to see peoples faces when I pull up and just go OOOGGA.

I will definitely enjoy my new toy. Anybody have one? :dunno:

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Yea, I am serious. It actually is quite funny. And besides, one of my friends had one in his s-10 and used it to get some hot chicks attention....now they are dating :dunno: ...I am optimistic :D


And I painted it black and mounted it in the empty space right in front of the fire wall on the passenger side.

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it certainly is something different.


Tell me you wouldn't laugh or at least think about it if you saw some kid pull up next to you in my truck and blow an OOOOOOGGGGGAAAAAA. Besides, it still gets attention, and now they are ARRESTING people with train horns where I live. :banghead::banghead:

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Trust me.... theres room for two... and yes, I have two OOOOOGA horns in my frt. bumper... heard loud and clear! Warning... they DO NOT like the cold weather!!! more like eeeegaherrrr!!!! (in the cold). I was actually worried that when installing the radix (heat exchanger) that it would get in the way of the horns... :D

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