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120+ Gauges


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Don't forget to factor in the slow effect ... you know ... your speedometer will have more numbers therefore smaller distance between numbers .... resulting in your needle going really slow when you punch it ... I kinda like the old school speedo's ... go from 0 to 80 punch and your needle just fly's across the gauge ... kinda cool looking to see that sucker just climbing like hell as you run through the gears ... but hey thats just me.

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Make your own guage setup. I am doing that for one of my other rides right now. I am using autometer phantom guages with a 10k RPM tach and a 160mph speedo, the only thing is right now it is a 6cyl. :banghead: (hopefully not forever) I took out the stock guage cluster, and made a alum. template and cut my holes accordingly. Then you just have to install what ever guages you want. Takes some time, but well worth the effort. :thumbs:

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