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I went to Atlanta Dragway last night. I think this is a pretty good time considering I am stock except fot exhaust.


R/T .163

60' 2.193

330' 6.247

1/8 9.626

MPH 72.97


This run was against a 2004 SSS with a CAI and Tune. I beat him by .1448!! Maybe Black is actually faster!!! :thumbs:

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Quick Question... For those of you with superchargers... are you getting the performance gains you expected from your supercharger, radix or whipple, etc? I'm seeing some of you with superchargers running 13's but stock is 15' or so in the 1/4 mile..... I guess that's really good but i'm not sure if it's really worth it. what do you think??? Mabey I should just do it for the heck of it...lol....besides I'm a horsepower junkie. Thanks for the input :flag:

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when i ran the 14.8 in the sonoma it was a 9.2 in the 1/8. look further down the page at daves. 1/8 to 1/4 conversions don't work for this reason. it's all in where the truck pulled the hardest in the quarter.

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