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do you need disconnect the battery to install

disconnect battery to change pcm  

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  1. 1. disconnect battery to change pcm

    • yes
    • no

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The only thing you need to make sure of is that the ignition is turned off. There is no power going to the PCM when the ignition is off. As far as static goes, you have more chances of causing high current damage when you reconnect the battery than by plugging in the PCM, which doesn't matter in either case as long as the ignition is turned off.


We service and program PLC (programmable logic controllers) and engine control modules every day and none of the engine manufacturers require battery disconnection in their installation/removal procedures. Only that the ignition (or power to the unit) be turned off.


Hope this helps. The best part about not disconecting the battery is not having to reset your radio's clock :D

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straight answer?? Its split up now...im just lazy and dont want to reprogram my preset channels and time back in every time i swap the pcm for service...if i do. I go in tuesday for the front diff. and ill put the pcm in wednesday...still debating on the battery though. :uhoh:

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This is something I have been wondering about. I'm glad to finally get a straight answer.  I just installed my pcmforless and I did unhook the battery and lost all my radio stations.

The only settings I found to have lost when I unhooked the battery to change the pcm were the clock setting. :dunno:

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