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Rear Window Noise


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Hi Guys,


I'm having the same problem overhere. Passengers rear window is making such a bad noise, you can even hear it over the radio.


But because this is a parallel imported car, no warranty things for me.. damn.


Dealer asked me some information about it, and I told him about your experience.


But I can't find the topics. Can someone please help me?






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I've checked the window with a friend of mine, who installs sunroofs.


The rubber on the passenger side shows some waste plastic, which hasn't been cut off during production.


Could this be causing the problem?



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Had new window unit installed and problem was gone. If you notice when you pull the latch slowly, right before it locks the glass moves back out a little. Not being closed tight enough allows air (wind) to enter. Dealer said there was no way to just replace the latch. The whole thing is one unit which is glued in. Windshiled glass person did the job at the dealer.

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Yes, there are other topics on this and I have chimed in on those as well....


I own a glass shop, and have replaced dozens of those quarter glasses.


Replacement is the ultimate solution for the problem....the latch is molded directly into the plastic frame, and GM has had MAJOR problems with these units (I can guarantee that they will be redisigned with the new body stile to debut in the coming year(s)!)

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here is a copy of 02 denali's post from another site:


"here is what i have done to several ext cab's back windows to get rid of the wind noise. first i popped the window arm loose from the latch assembly>>

you can see it still touching here. i pop mine loose with a phillips head screw driver while opening the window.



then i pull it outward and have someone hold it. i drill a small hole in the base of the latch. then i drill a smaller hole in the frame of the door. enough for a screw to start.then i install a screw in the holes and tighten ever so slightly. it only takes about a 1/4 turn and then you are done.

i hope this helps. i can get some better pics if needed."


That is how he fixes it.



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We use to install a small custom build aluminum bracket that essentially did the same thing......but we were then told by our local dealerships to just replace the units.....but yes, if your vehicle is out of warranty, that will stabilize the latch and seal the window better!


P.S. - just be careful when removing the latch from the frame (as can be seen in the above pictures), if you break those hinge pieces, you will be replacing the assembly anyways!

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