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nitrous, who has it and what do you think?

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I was considering a wet kit for my truck but I wanted to know who else has it and what do they think? Is it worth the cash and does it have any long term effects on the motor? Also what do you recommend for a kit. I want to hide it in the engine bay for a stealth look.


Thanks in Advance

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Hiding the system is easy just put the fittings under the engine covers and underneath the air intake.    It will kill your tranny though.



I am thinking 50-75 shot. Is there a way to help the tranny survive?


shift kits? performance kits? anything?


Thanks for the reply

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I don't think nitrous will kill your tranny. I should say that smart use of it won't. Once you start getting into higher shots, you'll need a window switch that will help take care of your tranny. If you plan to run it all the time, then you have the same risk as any other power adder out there. Occasional track time shouldn't be too bad though.

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I have had mine for 6 months now with no problems. I have ran 150 shot at the track with the stock pcm. but cut back to a 75 to 100 shot for the street and used the custom pcm. for the money nitrous is the way to go.


there is no better feeling than stalling to around 1700-2000RPM and stomping the gas an spraying the 150 shot. you will burn all 4 tires. I wouldnt do it very often though. :P


I did a picture post on my nitrous install maybe you can find it in the search.

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