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Light throttle, aftermarke converter question.

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I know, another converter question. Sorry.


With my engine setup, it's pretty "tame" under 1,500rpm. Around 1,700, the exhaust note and everything abruptly wakes up and there is a lot of power available.


I have two minor nuisances here:


1st, I seem to spend a lot of time in the 1,100-1,500 range at light throttle. Even when not locked up.


2nd, I either seem to take off from a stop at a very sedated pace under 1,500rpm, or if the tach sweeps up torwards 1,700 - the truck will snap alive and it'll usually accelerate quicker than others around me... even when I'm not looking to fool around.


Overall, I don't like the way the stock coverter slips and grabs right where my powerband wakes up. I want a stall in there that will give me more modulation when pulling away from a stop... and that will basically keep me out of the 1,500 and under range at everything but the slightest touch of the throttle. I want to be in the healthy 1,700 range when starting out at a very normal pace.


Which converter will do that?


I've got a Yank 2600 with the 2.1STR here.


Would a Yank 3000 be better? Just looking at 2600 vs. 3000, I would think the 3000 would be more loose... but with it's higher STR, I don't think it will be. I just think the actual flash-stall speeds are different.


If you want to see what I mean, check out this spreadsheed/graph I whipped up.


This IS NOT something to live by, just some theoretical thing I put together to try and plot the STR vs RPM thing.


What do you guys think?

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even with the higher str speeds i think it'll be much looser at lower rpms than what you have right now. you might want to look into the tb converter for your application. i believe the str is 1.9 on that. i didn't get to spend much time driving an SS around with one, but in the trailblazer it does a great job of keeping the 4.2 above 1500rpm which is good since there isn't much power down low for that engine.

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I have a headache this morning, so I don't even begin to comprehend what you're wanting here.


I have the same stall installed you have. It feels like stock, like what was said, but only in it's looseness "feel". Aside from that, it's light years from the stock stall.


This is the first stall converter that I have purchased - ever. Going by just what I have learned from how it acts, granted I haven't ridden in my truck in 6mos, the main place you'll feel the change is from a dead stop. If there are some changes at other times, and there probably are, they are subtle at best. Basically, from my experience, when you hit this thing at a fairly low rpm to no rpm, you're definitely going to feel the punch. But, if you are not flooring it, you will never know that you have it. IMO.

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Thanks guys...


Ben, I'm just looking for some looseness or some more slip at light/part throttle. Enough to bring my "start rolling RPM's" up about 200, maybe 300rpm's. It's hard to explain how my truck behaves without driving it.


I'm thinking of gettinng the 2600 restalled to a 3000...


I'm concerned the 2600 may be too small if I'm only looking at a flash rpm of 2600. My stock converter is flashing to 2,100. 2,600rpm is only a fraction of a second away from that.


With that said, I do expect to push the 2600 to flash around 2800, but then I have to think about that light throttle looseness I was looking for.

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