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I ordered my e-fans from gmpartsdirect.com on March 9th and the order hasn't even cleared my bank because they still don't even have the parts to ship. :banghead: I am on a kind of a tight schedule and I was wondering how long anyone else had to wait for their's?

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I just ordered mine today from the dealer they said that the parts are on back order (THANKS TO THE GUYS ON SSS.COM) :D J/K but I should have them monday or tuesday of next week.

I hope you got a decent deal...I tried at Mark Christopher before GMPD and they wanted about $200 more! I figured the wait was worth the savings.

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i ordered mine from gmpartsdirect and it took about 2 weeks, i've made two purchases from them, each time i sent an email asking about my order and it seems like it gets shipped the next day. its almost like they are just sitting on the order until they hear from you. by the time they change the tracking info to shipped, it will already be at your door.

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