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What else do I need


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I decided to purchase a nitrous setup today. By the way, thanks Zippy for your input! :thumbs:


Anyway, I got a 10lb NOS bottle, 2 NX solenoids, jets sizes from 50-150, and the lines. What else do I need. I know I need a bottle heater, but I was looking on ebay and came upon automatic ones, pressure switches, etc. I am not a nitrous expert so help is definitely appreciated. So what else could I use?





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One more question...


I want to purge for show. I heard that I don't need a purge kit, but rather I could go to a hardware store and get some fittings and line. Is this possible? I would rather spend 20 bucks instead of 80 for a purge kit.

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you can get a led purge kit for show they look cool you need a way to activate your nos there are a couple different ways to do that a nos pressure gauge is a good idea bottle heater there are some huys on here that are running nos if i can find one ill send them your way

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