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Trailblazer SS Breaks Cover


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i like it and it's 2wd.  :D




the 4L70E thing is weird. that used to be an art carr name...  :confused:

I noticed that, too. I was left wondering what the differences are from the 4L60E...


I am sure the TB SS will absolutely cook, I would even bet that years from now the TB might be the donor chassis of choice for the future low-buck hot rodder.


Mr. P.

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I think it needs bigger wheels and tires, and a Radix. :D


It has my attention now. Bolt on another 120+ HP, and the AWD will be required to keep it on the road. Then a stronger tranny to boot. With that combo it will certainly be fun.

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I like that alot! In-fact, I'm planning to buy one for my wife after the truck is paid off. I especially like that the color white is being offered. It will be replacing her '96 Tahoe. It will also be able to pull our big camper with that tow rating. And it should get better mileage than the Tahoe w/5.7l. It really looks like it will be a hoot to drive, too! But, what does "Flangeless" wheels mean?


TP :chevy:

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