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My SS with new shoes


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That looks very  :cool:!


There is something about black rims that makes them look smaller than they are. Those 22's look like 20's. Add a drop to it and it will look damn good!  :thumbs:


Late-  Alex

I was thinking the same thing...very strange.

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They DO make them in a 24 x 10, any one think that would be to big????


What Size Tire did you go with????  Any Rubbing??

Most people on here that have had 24's are downsizing to 22's. I think the concensus is that 22's are the biggest we should go with these trucks. I went with 305/40/R22...don't know of any rubbing yet as they were just put on about 3 hours ago and I haven't driven it really that much yet. They shouldn't rub because the overall diameter is about 1/4 inch shorter than the stock set-up.

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