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Just my .02


When I first bought my truck I spent money on different exhaust systems. Where I am now: I removed some Flowmaster Superflow 40s and a Flowmaster HD for the 6.0HD and I found that the truck was faster in the 1/4 with stock exhaust over the systems I tried and spent nearly $1k total on. Personally, I don't know that I would waste any money on any mufflers. Get the TOG or Arizona headers depending upon your preference of 50 state legal. Maybe even some hi-flow CATs. The sound level will rise enough to make most people happy especially when you get your foot into the GO pedal. I set my shift points around 5800 and it runs great. If you need a bit more sound out of it, get a new cam installed... a few ponies and a bit more exhaust sound :) instead of a great sound but almost no ponies.


Again, this is just my humble opinion based upon my perception and experience at this point :)

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get some TOG's they are 50 state legal and then get a magnaflow muffler. that setup will out flow and out performe almost any other setup you could put together and it will also have a very deep sound to it and then when you put your foot in it, it will be a very nice sound

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