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Considering the SRT-10

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Well, finally after a few weeks of constant arguing with the insurance company for my stolen vehicles, we finally reached an agreement on a price that they will pay. I originally thought I would go back and buy a new HD truck, but on my way home from work, I saw an SRT-10 Quad cab sitting on the front lot of a dodge dealer. After talking to a salesman I took it for a spin, and I got to say its a nice truck. They've got 2 of them, and the salesman was giving me his pitch about how he could get me a good deal around 40-42. I'm sort of considering this truck, I quite like it. I know this is a chev site, but what do you guys think.

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Quad Cab?  That thing's a bus.  If yer gonna go SRT-10... do the reg. cab route. I drive a 5.9 Dakota R/T... 'n you couldn't give me an SRT-10... or a Ram anything for the money they want.


Well, I like having the extra cab space, one of the main reasons I bought an SS over a lightning. I like to be able to drive more than 2 people at a time. I know the truck is pricey, but if I can get a good deal, I just might bite. I'm just not a midsize truck person.

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If your going to do it go regular cab... the quadcab is a waste of $$$... all that power but so much weight... its just useless.


A semi-fast truck w/o the ability to tow or haul a load over 900lbs :crackup:


I agree its nice truck, but I think the novelty would wear off quick.... just ask Adams2003... his dad had one for a couple of months and ended up selling back to the dealer and getting a denali. :driving:

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I'm not understanding the logic some of you are presenting here....he likes space, so he wants a crew cab, or at minimum an extended cab. So that rules out a RC. And he likes power. So what's wrong with the SRT-10 motor in a crew cab? What's the alternative? A crew cab with a hemi? A crew cab Chevy with a 6.0L? Why not a bitchin' 500HP motor in a crew cab? :confused:


I say go for it.

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I have to say I think the SRT10 QuadCab is better looking than the regular cab version. I'm a little weird I guess...?

I hear the QuadCab isn't that far off the regular cabs times, there is better bite and the automatic takes away SOME of the wheelspin problems.

I think it's a great truck, expensive, but you gotta "pay to play"...?

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