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Padded Top Armrest

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I finally got my Console Lid back from having it padded and covered with leather.


As stated in an earlier post this has been approved by MERVZ for me to offer this service.


As shown below, the original Console Lid "Tray" was filled and the entire lid covered with Dark Pewter Leather.


If you would like your piece done, you will need to send me your console lid.


This can be removed by taking out 4 screws where the hinge attaches to the body of the center console.


As you will see in the picture, I need the bottom part or the lid which includes the hinge in order to complete the job.


The price for the cover as shown is $299.00 plus $16.00 for return shipping.


This can be done for any GM Full Size Pickup, Avalanche or SUV from 2003 to current. The leather will be done to match the color of your original lid.


I will be tracking this thread so please post any questions here or PM me.


First 10 orders will get free return shipping for a total of $299.00!



Here it is......







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Here is a picture of it installed in my truck. The color looks lighter than it really is because of the interior lights and the flash.


It is a nice comfy upgrade that can be enjoyed everytime the truck is driven!




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Autoguy I really like the way it looks. I use the top of mine for my shop keys and walet when I get in. I hate to have stuff in my pockets.


I also think if it had a 3x4 inch embroudered SS logo in the front end of it, that would look really cool too. It would not matter if you are in the pasengers or drivers seat the SS would still be facing the right way...



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