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Corvette Kill


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No offense to you but that Corvette must have been driven buy a kid that could hardly reach the pedels.  Wow a corvette!!!  I'm speachless  :confused:

Watch who your calling out there n00b! :nono:


Stexx is running a procharger among other mods which have him in the 12's. A truck in the 12's could easily take down a 2002 vette... especially if it was an automatic without any mods. :smash:

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The noobs will learn in time now if i was stck i would have got killed but will my hair dryer i killed the vett :thumbs: if you look to the right of the motor shot its my girl friends hair dryer she left it there for some reason

JK :thumbs:

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Trust me I wasn't doubting...I was just that impressed! My Dad used to own a Corvette, so I have had my fair share of time behind the wheel of a C5...I know they are fast...real fast...even stock!


To have a full size truck beat a C5 in any respect is just plan impressive...don't confuse shock and aww with doubt... :D

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