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Happy Easter to everyone


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I have to visit with my wifes parents for lunch about an hour away and then supper at my parents house. Weather is supposed to be nice will have to the SS.

Happy Easter to everyone. And be careful if your driving. JESUS LIVES!

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Similar plans for me, except the we'll be at the inlaws house for an early dinner and my parents will be there too. Should be in the 70's and sunny here (finally) so the truck is getting a bath today :cool: Happy Easter Everyone :thumbs:

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Spending it at my wife's aunts house with all of her family. Kind of a brunch, easter egg hunt, kick back all day, bar-b-que in the afternoon, go home when you wanna thing if you know what I mean. My parent live in Texas so no need to go back and forth! :thumbs:


BTW, Happy Easter All


Late- Alex

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5 page paper, 4 page midterm, a project, 50 pages of Philosophy to read and honors logic homework.  Oh yeah-and briefly spend time with my crazy family!

Happy Easter!!! Some one have a drink for me!  :D


Wow, that does not sound fun :banghead:


Anyway I get to have my brother and sister over with their family's. Normally a good time till my brother-in-law starts drinkin a little wine. hes a lightweight and cant handle anything. My mom purposely had it at our place this time so we can have a good laugh with all the chaos that will rise from it. Its like one big disfunctional family but in reality were not. Kinda weird. To everyone else, happy easter :cheers:

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No lights, No sirens..just a quiet day at home with wife and kids. No other family on my side but I do get to see her side of the family.....Some of which I would rather not.


I Love my wife dearly but some of her family are like tax collectors...A couple of times a year you just gotta deal with them.


Happy Easter everyone.


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I would like to also Wish EVERYONE "HAPPY EASTER". :) Not so happy this year with the Recent Passing of my SISTER--but the Family will be together and we will make the Best of it. MASS of course and then a Nice Easter Dinner. To make me alittle happy I will be driving (going thru the gears) :cool: the "V".

Take care all,


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Sorry to read about the passing of your sister.

Have fun driving your V I know it will make you smile, :driving: I put my first tank of gas in mine today, I pulled up to the pump on the wrong side. lol :banghead:

I guess I should have taken the time to familiarize myself a little more with it when I took it out of storage Yesterday.. haha But I just wanted to get in and start driving..

Anyway Happy Easter to all, we will be doing the Family thing at our house and having the inlaws over. My parents bought a house in Florida a few months ago so we won't see them. But they will be back for my sons 3 year old birthday party next month.. :cheers: So that will be great.

Again, Happy Easter to everyone.. :thumbs:



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What it means to me -- JESUS DIED for our Sins-Resurrection of JESUS CHRIST, "GOD'S" son from the Dead. I could go on and on but I won't. Everyone has their Own Belief's and Religion. Celebrate this very SPECIAL DAY in your own way.

Peace to all.

Ginnie :)

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