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Brute force, MAC, K&N 77 series???'s

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I have been going through a lot of threads about intakes. I just sold my volant which I picked up not long ago. It was the older version. My local speed shop has several intakes that catch my eye but I'm startin to get a little confused. I really like the AEM brute force but there are two different ones. Theres two different applications for the silverado. The 5.3 and the SS. Price difference is like $65. I read in another post that the one for the 5.3 worked on our SS so why is there such a huge price difference, are they really the same? Same deal with the 77 series, is it different between the two trucks or is it really the same just priced higher because of the SS. I also came across a MAC CAI which is labeled for every silverado with the 4.8, 5.3 and the 6.0. The price on that one I like and it looks pretty nice also. Anybody ever seen one or had one before? With the AEM and 77 Series would the CAI that fits the 4.8 and 5.3 fit our trucks? I dont see why it wouldn;t but want to make sure first when there is that much of a price jump. Hope someone can help me on this, I cant seem to find those answers anywhere in the past topics.


If anyone has one of these intakes they might want to sell, let me know also. i would rather buy a used one from someone here before forkin over money for a new one. Thank You and hope someone can help

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