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MKy 40th Birthday-New Mixed Drink Invention


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Mixer Shot: 2 oz-1Oz Red Gatorade, 1 OzCuervo Margarita Mix

Alc.Shot: 2oz El Charro Reposado (any premium reposado) tequila


Feliz de Cumpleanos!


It's called "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" :)

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I use to make this concaulkion at college that was real good. Get some grape gatorade, medium size one, dump like half of it out, fit up a little over 3/4 of it with vodka fill the rest up with orange slice soda. Actually tasted very good but did look kinda nasty, ended up being the house drink after that.


Probably best to keep the gatorade you dumped out for the morning when you woke up with a hangover :jester:

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Want another good one? I discovered this on at the Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas a couple years ago....


It's called an Atlantean (go figure!) and here's how to mix it...


Take a 20oz. glass, throw in some ice, pour in half a shot of Bacardi 151, a full shot of Bacardi Select, and three shots of Blue Curacao. Then fill the glass the rest of the way up with pineapple juice and there you have it!! If you want it served the way I first had it, garnish it with a orange slice and some candied cherries!!



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Rum & tequila are my favorites. In October they will offer direct flights from my town to Guadalajara, so I guess I will be having the Mexican equivalent of wine-country tours, of the tequilerias all around there. In the town of Tequila, Jalisco I will be able to personally pick up my favorite tequila, El Stallion :)

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