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thorley headers on silverado ss


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they dont look like shorties to me. they look more like mid lenght or even LTs.


if anybody knows anything , id appreciate it.





Headers, Shorty, Steel, Nickel Chrome, Chevy/GMC, Silverado/Suburban/Sierra/Tahoe/Yukon, 4.8/5.3L, Kit



they are considered shorties.


anybody know how the would perform on a SSS.

what about fitment.

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I know for a fact that some people have them on 4x4's, and I know for a fact of someone who has them on a 6.0 2wd. I am pretty sure that I have seen someone who had them on an SS, but I am not 100% about that. I don't see why they wouldn't work though. They are probably what I will end up going with if pacesetters really won't clear.


I have heard the thorleys called midlength, and longtubes. Guess it depends on who you ask. I had a set on my 96 vortec 350, and the quality and fitment were great.



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they are mid or long tubes depending on who you talk to. I looked into getting these about 6 months ago and decided to wait. I talked to Thorley's and they said they should fit fine. they also said they had been developing a header specifically for our trucks and aborted development.

I wouldn't hesistate to buy a set. I'm still planning on it sometime. supposed to be great for mid and low range power. the only thing I didn't like was that the collector size was 2.5".

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I believe the part number you want is 310Y.  it is like that picture.

yes, i just called thorleys

they didnt tell me it was either a shorty or a long tube. they told me its simply a try-y and doesnt fall into those size classes :dunno::dunno:


he also told me that they wouldnt fit a 6.0. he said its for 1999-2001 trucks only. i told him that i have heard of others putting them on their 6.0s. i brought up the egr, and if that was the only reason it wouldnt work. he said yes, buit sounded unsure. i asked him if i could simply block it off and put it in my truck. he said yes to that too, but still sounded somewhat unsure. :banghead:

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For what it's worth, I just installed the Dynatech Supermaxx long-tubes, and believe me, it was one TIGHT fit based on how close the front driveshaft is to various un-movable frame and suspension points. It took a LOT of massaging to get it so the exhaust system was free and clear of the frame and was not rubbing or vibrating.


If the headers are not specifically for our make and model, I would say it is more likely that you will encounter problems.


Hope this helps.



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