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New rim and more problems, GEEZE!!!


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Well I finally received my new rim yesterday and was really happy to get my spare off the truck after about a month. Well I went and got the tire mounted and balanced and two things now are really bothering me. First, I couldn;t find a place that had a michine for 20's in my area so luckily pepboys was able to do it, maybe not luckily but they did it. First thing I noitced, they put the weights on the inside to balance it, they decided not to do it like the rest so when you look at the rim on a certain angle you can see all these stupid looking weights stacked on top of eachother, very ugly. Second thing, after i get the rim on, there is a flat spot on the rims lip, almost like the tire machined caught and pushed it in a little. very annoying also. Anything I can do to fix that? As for the weights I may just get it balanced again with the normal wights so no big deal but the flat spot has me PO :banghead:


Oh well before and after... such an improvement




I think for next winter I am going to get 4 more spares like the one I had for the snow. And it actually didn't look to bad except it didn't match any of my other wheels

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