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2 Kills last night


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Well i was on my way to Gainesville Raceway for test and tune when i pulled up next to an Infinity suv (nissan marrano) doing about 40mph, he started speed up and floored it. I wasn't trying him but had to show him what the SS was all about and nailed it, went right by him. :D When i was leaving the track a Toy mr2 turbo was in front of again not trying anyone i was just picking up speed and he started to speed up then he floors if so i did the same. I pulled him pretty good, he slowed down because of a truck in his lane. I was a short distance ahead and started cruising and does one of those fly by's like he's got something :yellow_loser: well he got front of me at the next light then takes off, i didn't try anything don't need a ticket. Well i we got stopped at the next light, I had to teach him a lesson, he was sitting there reving his rice, light turned green and i jumped him by a car and kept pulling then he must have let off cause i started cruising and he would not pull up next to me :D

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Do you know if it was an Infinti FX35 or FX45? There is a big difference between the two.

The only reason I ask is I also have a FX45 and know, for a fact, that a stock SS cannot run a FX45. My wife has kicked my ass plenty of times... :cry:

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