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brake box in suburban chicago?


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I have my '03 SS and i want to put a brake box on it for a car trailer that I need to haul. anyone know where i can get one put on?


I am in the south burbs on chicago.. tinley\oak forest area. :troll:


I got a really nice one for my Duramax from www.summitracing.com. I'm not sure if they have it anymore but it has a digital display on it so you can dial in the sensitivity. I think it was somewhere around 65.00 but I know you can find cheaper ones. As for the install, it's really not that complicated. If your still interested in a professional install there is a place on rt 64 in Sycamore: Rondo Enterprises (about an hr west of Chi) that installs them for I wanna say 110.00. 6.0ss might know of some places since he's from the burbs.


Rondo Enterprises

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No, it wasnt that one. If my brother didn't have the Duramax tonight I'd go take a pic of it. I'll take a pic tomorrow and find out as much info as I can. I've had probably a dozen different brake controllers before... this one is by far my favorite.

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THere is a guy on this forum that owns a performance truck shop in Orland Park. I can't find his name right now but he might pipe up here some time. I think he posted in the last Chicago meet thread we had!He was not going to join us because of conflic of interest with Speed Inc.

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you can try any RV dealer or uhaul . there very easy to install just need the plug end that goies under the dash, some wire connecters drill and a 1/8 bit.

some controllers come with the plug with it. mine was about $95.00


good luck



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