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New Door Handles


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...from the last time that I had a Silverado pannel off....


There are only a few 7mm screws that hold it on (behind the handle and behind the door lock), and then the pannel SLIDES UP! I have seen many people try and pry out on a Silverado door pannel, but they just slide up and off!


The next time that I take one off here at the glass shop I need to take some pics and post them in the 'how to' section (for those that don't take one off everyday, it would probably be a rather handy thing to see)!

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:withstupid: Just 2 scwews, one behind the door lock mech. and one behind the handle, then just slide the whole door panel up. The first one took me about 45 min, the second one only took 10 min. You will have to unplug the wires for the light and door locks and windows. Very easy after the first one.
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i did that :banghead: ripped the bottom clips totally off! and i tried to take the switch assembly off totally, not knowing that their is a screw in the top, needless to say i need 2 new door skins still! just 2 screws and pull it off. i do a lot of work on my doors customizing em, painting em, i replaced the door handles to billett ones so i can take it off in about 2 min.

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