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Scion xB


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They are way underpowered, I'd be concerned about surviving a merge on the freeway.


I like the unique look of it


If the next gen looks like this, it'll be sweet




more pics



That doesn't look too bad. It's got to be one of the ugliest cars on the road, but that's jmo. It probably wouldn't be bad as a second car to save on gas.
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It must be just me, but I find those VERY...... "unattractive"...?

:withstupid: I would not drive one if you paid me, but my friend uses his to save on gas $$$. I told him I do not like it, but he laughs at me when I pay a sh!t ton of money on gas.

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The money you end up savin on gas you will probably spend on washing and repairing the damn thing from people throwing eggs and rocks at it!!!


Sorry but Scion's suck!


You want a gas saver buy a motorcycle, or maybe even a stripped down Colbalt! Or car pool for god sakes...please for the love of god don't do that to yourself!!!


All I hear is you guys laughing at ricers...what the hell do you think this is??? :banghead:

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