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Locking gas cap


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I recently bought a locking gas cap from Autozone. It really didn't tighten up like the stocker, but I still went with it. A few days later I had the engine light come on, something about a leak. I got it cleared only to have it come on again today. My question is, have any of you bought a locking gas cap and had no problems? If so, where, how much, and a part number would be nice.




Late- Alex

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Your local chevy dealership should sell the locking gas cap. Some have them in stock and some will have to order them. Make sure that you get a vented one. The SS I think has a vented gas cap so the gas tank won't collaspe. I have one for the SS which I had ordered for a 04 Silverado 4.8 V8 and it fit tight so I am guessing that they are pretty much the same. Good Luck! :cool:


Truckin05 :driving:

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