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:driving: Well after posting my miles on sunday night I was going to the Drag Strip in next county (Dorchester S.C.) 35 miles away this track will stay open to the last person leaves.


:mad: Driving the posted speed limit ( :D:D) a large buck jumped in my path and my reflexes made me snatch the steering wheel and slide off the side of the road and slam into a tree.


When I came to my sences OnStar was on the line sending help. THANK YOU FOR ONSTAR. Well I spent the night in the hospital I was released after lunch on monday.


Im OK, Im very sore and hurting but I have alot of pictures MY sister took that I would like to share but don't know how to post.


I will E-mail pictures to anyone who can post them.


:cry: Thank You

SS 1316

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:thumbs: Thanks bgdsub 72


I'll learn how one day  :D


no prob ;) just glad your ok... this might not be the right time to ask but do you want to pull your SS badges off and your side mirrors and sell them to me?


:D:D Ha! Ha! We will see. I took the badges off over a year ago when it ran 13.16 in the 1/4.


I will go and get it when I'm better its in the next county I was transported by medic the picture are as close as I've gotten sence the accident.

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