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well i have been noticing a noise when wot above 3000 rpm and it sounds like a raspy sound coming from the engine i asked a buddy he said it was detonating have a similar issue 9mods are (pcm,cai,zippy shift, 05 fans)

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I hate the sound of detonation :banghead:


It's a pinging. some say steel marbles bouncing. I wouldn't say it ever sounded like raspy noise.


I usually hear it under heavy acceleration, kind of like the engine catching up to the power I just requested. I can make it come and go by fluctuating the pedal when I have my foot in it.

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i had detenation after installing by diablo programer. using 9 oct. found out it was bat fuel. went to 76 gas station after burning the bad fuel off. what i did between tanks was added a can of octane boost. problem went away. what i heard when i had my detenation was what i thought was popcorn pooping. really ugly. and it happened arroubd 4k rpm. hope this helps. cesar :driving:

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