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Joygasm - got my exhaust down


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Last night I went out and shot WD-40 on the collector nuts, including the stripped one, and let it soak in all night/day. I attacked them again with the impact gun, and the first four came down no prob. The fifth I got loose with a breaker bar, again no prob. The sixth one was rounded off from yesterday, so I hammered a socket (!) onto it, then gently used a breaker bar and got it loose as well, so no need for torching, no broken manifold collector studs. It all feels downhill from here so time to get at the rest of it.


Moral of the story - let rusted parts soak in WD-40 for 24 hrs, then loosen. I have read on web sites of guys soaking parts for up to a week for maximum penetration. It works!


Mr. P. :)

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